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Hi I don't know what this means:These are all low-output moving coil cartridges, so, of course, you must have an MC phono stage with high gain (60db or more). If you are set on that front, we must note that there are two excellent cartridges just above $2k worth considering:

I have three systems. One I use for streaming only (more recent technology such as the NAD bluos 388 and elac speakers,) . I inherited an old set and that is what the turntable will be connected to initially. Once (if) these components "die" I'll be replacing. Halfer 220 and denon 1500 pr with good old snell e speakers. Another recommendation for the cartridge is soundsmith zypher. thank you for your help and if you can suggest items that are actually available now in the USA that would be great. I have had trouble finding a turntable (no stock) . (oh yes the third is in the piano room for use in recording and vocals )

Also !! a subwoofer for the Elac set up would be great.

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